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Dll Download FileKids fun and learn pages-For horse lovers of all ages

Click on any of the links below to view a page which will teach you something about horses or give you a horse or farm picture to colour!  Level of difficulty rated 1* as the easiest and suitable for the youngest child, to 5*****which are suitable for experienced riders only.  

Basi8c Riding Movements
New***Horse Show Puzzle New***The Canadian Horse Puzzle New** Basic Riding Movements *Quarter Horse-colour me

Parts of an English Saddle

*Andalusian-colour me *Overo Paint- colour me   **Parts of the saddle (English) * Western Cutting horse
Learn to identify this deadly plant.

Pro-grooming tips

Games can improve your riding : steering, balance and fun!
New***** Poisonous Plant Primer

 ****Pro Grooming tips for show day

**Kids Questions and Answers ***Games on Horseback- Sharpen your riding skills
*Falebella pony- colour me *Arabian- colour me **Horse Maze

*** Word game # 1

Basic Terms Word-Match- Match horse words to correct term and write it in the space.

****Word Game 2 ***Parts of the lower leg * Arabian in native dress * Horse Anatomy
Metal Mane comb

Show Clipping

Grooming kit neatly stored in a tote bag
Mane Care *****Show clipping tips **Daily grooming from start to finish *Eventer-Colour me!

wpe11.gif (21691 bytes)

**Parts of the horse

**Colours of a horse

 **Leg markings

**Face markings

Chicke3.gif (9558 bytes)

Foal-c2.gif (8144 bytes)

*Jumping horse
- colour me!

*Chicken on nest
- colour me!

*Foal trotting
- colour me!

*****How to fit a saddle

  *Horse puzzle

*Clydsdale-colour me

 *Donkey-colour me

*Horse wearing blanket-colour me 

Pranci4.gif (8196 bytes)


*Prancing horse
-colour me!

For more horsey information, go to www.HarrowsmithHorseCountry.com  and check out their education page.
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