The Horse's Markings

Markings: True and Faint: ( click on image to see detail )

Markings are configurations of solid white hairs contrasting with the surrounding coat color. "True" white markings grow from pink skin. Markings which grow from dark skin are described as "faint" markings. This distinction is particularly important on grey horses which grow lighter in coat color as they age, often disguising white markings. Pink skin is a permanent identifying mark.

All white markings should be recorded on a registration application form or passport, and on grey horses a distinction must be made between "true" and "faint" markings. If your horse is grey you must complete boxes for underlying pink skin on the markings form. Pink skin is easier to identify if the coat is wet or shaved.

When you draw markings on a registration application form or passport:

Facial Markings: ( click on image for more detail)

Missing Dll DownloadStar - any white marking occurring above the eye line. 
Strip - any white marking occurring below the eye line and above the top of the nostrils but within the nasal bones. 
Snip - any white marking occurring between the top of the nostrils and the bottom of the nostrils. 
Upper lip - any white marking occurring below the nostrils, but still on the upper lip. 
Lower lip and chin - any white marking occurring on the lower lip and/or chin. 


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