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Our many adult students enjoy the supportive, friendly environment.

   Riding Lessons

Riding lessons teach the rider to have better balance and control.  The rider's goal may be just to learn to ride for pleasure, or to go to shows, jump, do a dressage test. Riding is fun, teaches coordination and concentration, and is great exercise for healthy people of all ages. Our students ride for recreation and in competitions. They range from 5-68 years young.

We have two on-site coaches/trainers available:

Cheryl Spencer, our resident CHA certified level 3 professional coach has been teaching students of all ages for 20+ years. She has trained both in Canada and in Europe, with a focus on dressage and eventing, and has attended coaching clinics for the past 20 years. She is also certified to teach western lessons.

As well, two other in-house coaches, have private lessons, visiting coaches and clinicians for the serious competitor. Students can follow a program to receive official CHA rider levels after written and practical testing.

We also offer Therapeutic riding lessons for children and adults.

Weekly riding lessons are available for children ages 6 and up, and adults on weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays to accommodate most schedules including shift work. Our lessons run year 'round.

*Lessons are pre-purchased in blocks of four. Please note that since we are booking time, an instructor and a horse exclusively for each rider, that lessons cancelled for ANY reason other than severe weather, with less than 24 hours notice will count as a lesson taken, and you will be charged for it.

One hour group lessons

4/$140.00 plus h.s.t
8/$250.00 plus h.s.t. Save $30* 16/$490.00 plus h.s.t. Save $70*
Children under 7 yrs only!

One 1/2 hr semi-private/small group lesson.

4/$120.00 plus h.s.t
8/$215.00 plus h.s.t. Save $25*
16/$415.00 plus h.s.t. Save $65*
4 x Private lesson- 45 min. 4/$200.00 plus h.s.t
8/$370.00 plus h.s.t. Save $30*

16/$720.00 plus h.s.t. Save $80*
One 1-hour hack/practice ride (available to regular students in the lesson program only who are able to catch/tack up and ride independently) 30.00 plus  h.s.t

* CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS OR SPECIALS. Lesson prices are as of September 1, 2017. Subject to change without notice.


Hands-on time with the horses.
What could be better?

Riding lessons improve fitness, confidence and overall well-being.

Group lessons are great for young students who benefit from the support of peers and learning by example.

All riders must sign a waiver (or if under 18, their parents must sign). Click here to print it off.

What to wear:

  • All riders must wear a proper riding helmet. While we have some helmets in stock, it is recommended that regular riders purchase their own helmet after the first few lessons.

  • Riders must bring and wear low-heeled footwear, with a defined heel- 1/2''- 1 1/2". 

  •  If the rider doesn't have breeches, we recommend that riders wear loose-fitting pants with some stretch i.e. track pants, tear-away pants, leggings. In winter, a;; riders should wear splash/snow pants over leggings or breeches.

  • Gloves are also recommended, especially for children.  Stretchy dollar store gloves will protect little hands from the reins.

*Some riding helmets, apparel, horse treats etc. may be purchased at the farm.*

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