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Horse Show Puzzle

“You’ll be late for your own funeral.” Her mother’s words kept repeating in Alex’s head as she approached the fair grounds-late again! It was a curse, no matter how hard she tried, she was always late. This time she had missed the first class of the local horse show. Not really a major crisis, but she had to report the results to the local paper. She couldn’t let her boss know that she had arrived late. His last words were, “If you are late one more time, you’re fired!”. She needed to figure out another way to write her article accurately for the paper. As Alex entered the show grounds, she overheard bits of conversation which she jotted down.

By looking at a program, Alex discovered that the horses and riders names were Doc, April, Sue, Danny, and Gopher. She knew that April and Sue were the only mares. Does Alex have enough information to fool her boss and write the article accurately?

You will need the chart below to help you solve this puzzle. Print off this page and fill in the chart with the information above. Be careful, horses and riders have the same names.

Answer to the puzzle

Thanks to www.123kidzarea.com for this great game!

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